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Plant Health analytics

  • Predefined or custom Vegetation indices like NDVI, NDRE or VARI help locate field variations caused by plant stress, water damages, pests, deseases etc.
  • Elevation maps correlate differences in elevation profile to crop health
  • Over the time comparison allows tracking changes in crop development throughout the season
plant counts

Accurate Plant Counts

  • Total number of plants for the whole field or custom defined areas helps evaluate sowing quality and crop emergence
  • Number of missing plants helps detect areas of potential crop loss for replanting
  • Works with a variety of crops including cauliflower, broccoli, corn, salads, potatoes, pumpkin, sunflower and more

plant counts

High resolution Prescription files

Turn plant health maps into management zones and create prescription files with up to 1m resolution. Prescriptions are compatible with most spreaders available on the market, including John Deere and Trimble.

  • Up to 1m resolution
  • Export to Shapefiles
  • Compatible with most spreaders
Multispectral sensor

RGB or Multispectral imagery

Get started with affordable and easy to use drones like DJI Phantom or Mavic equipped with RGB camera. Or use more advanced multispectral sensors like MicaSense RedEdge-M or Parrot Sequoia for more in-depth analysis. We handle most sensors available on the market and give you accurate calibrated data that you can act upon.

DJI Phantom 4

Sharing and Export

Share and collaborate with other farmers and agronomists by giving acces to your data in a number of formats:

  • GeoTIFF or JPEG
  • Shapefile
  • PDF
  • Public web link


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